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The new 800 series Bushranger® Alloy Deck Honda Powered Mower has arrived. This 800 Series 19” (480mm) mower comes with features which will make this machine not only stand out from the rest it will turn your grass into a lawn for many years to come.

The first thing you will notice is that for a big 19” (480mm) mower it’s very easy to push and maneuver around your yard and gardens. You will very quickly come to appreciate and love the comfort grip and adjustable top handles, no matter how tall or short you are, the handles will always be at the correct position for you the operator. A few reasons why this mower is so easy to push is that it has large 200 x 50mm wheels plus dual wheel bearings fitted to the front and rear. This mower also features metal rims which are coupled to rubber tyres – not plastic like so many others. A metal chassis protection ring has also been added on the outside and inside giving you that extra protection against damaging the chassis when you get a little too close to that wall or fence or hit that unseen dog bone or rock. The features don’t stop there – this machine is also fitted with a seven stage height adjuster, you can cut from a low 25 to 76mm by just moving the lever located on the rear wheel, we also have a large 60 litre Dacron fabric, moulded base catcher bag with top and rear dust cover, ensuring you don’t get covered in dust and dirt on those dry, dusty days. Under the deck of the mower installed is a disc holding four high fluted swing back blades which will cut, catch and mulch (when fitted with the mulching plug supplied with the mower) like no other mower you have used in the past. To get a mower to perform as this mower does you need an engine which will not only start first time every time you need an engine which is tried and proven to be trusted and reliable – we have such an engine fitted to this new 800 series Bushranger® Mower. Our Bushranger 800 series mowers are fitted with a Honda GXV160.


Honda GXV160 Engine.
19" (480 mm) Cut.
4 Swing back blades.
Mulching Plug.
Alloy chassis.
Grass catcher.
8" (200mm) Front and rear wheels fitted with dual ball bearings.


Domestic Warranty

4 Year Domestic Warranty

Commercial Warranty

2 Year Commercial Warranty, 6 Month (Chassis and Gear Box)

Hire/Rental Warranty

3 Month Hire/Rental Warranty

Power Plant

Four Stroke Petrol

Engine (cc)

160 cc


Honda GXV160


Net Torque 9.6Nm @ 2500rpm

Fuel Capacity

1.5 Litre



Dry Weight

45 kg