GZ5000 CHAINSAW 16″ 325 058

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Displacement (cc) 50.1
Power Output (kw) 2.50
Weight~ (kg) 4.9
Power:Weight 0.31
Chain Pitch (inches) 0.325
Gauge 0.058
Bar Length Actual (inches) 16
Bar Length Min/Max (inches) 16-18
Usage Commercial
Carburettor Adjustments Auto Tune
Magnesium Crankcase ✔
Clean Power ✔
Turbo Air Cleaning ✔
Anti Vib ✔
Warranty – Commercial/Domestic 2 Year/5 Year

~ Weight excluding cutting equipment.

* Continuous dedication to improve products requires that specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.


Take your cutting work to the max with the RedMax GZ5000 chainsaw. This heavy-duty saw is built for regular use by landscapers, arborists and other outdoor professionals. The magnesium crankcase offers excellent durability, while anti-vibration handles increase operator comfort. Powerful, productive and easy to use. The GZ5000 also features AutoTune™ carburettor adjustment which ensures a correctly tuned engine setting and optimised engine performance in all conditions .