SCZ11-61V-37BV-EFI (8A41)

Cheetah11-61″ Velocity Plus, Vangaurd 37HP, EFI, Air Cooled

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Cheetah 61″

Trying to find a zero turn lawn mower that offers top end speed with the consistency and quality of cut you’d expect from high-caliber mower used to be a bit of a challenge – until the Cheetah lineup from SCAG came along, anyway.

Capable of speeds that can top out at up to 25 km/h (combined with a coil over shock suspension system that keeps you nice and comfortable – not to mention safe – at these high-end speeds), the Velocity Plus mowing deck operates in perfect sync to guarantee you get the efficient, clean cuts you’ve always gotten from SCAG zero turn mowers in the past.

Two different speed settings (low range and high range, offering up to 19 km/h and up to 25 km/h respectively) allow you to decide whether or not you want to zoom through larger lawns or take your time and get a little bit better fuel efficiency along the way. You’re always in complete control when it comes to the Cheetah.

A 61 inch mower deck is going to make quick work of lawns no matter how fast you’re going, and you’ll still get the kind of zero turn capabilities you’d expect from this company. Agile, relatively compact, and easy to maneuver with oversized steering and speed control arms the Cheetah is a dream to use.


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