Patriot, 52″ Cutter Deck, Kohler Command 23HP

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Patriot 52″

Commercial landscapers understand just how important it is to have high quality lawn mowing equipment on hand to cut quickly, consistently, and reliably time after time.

SCAG has been a worldwide leader in producing zero turn lawn mowing equipment for professional landscapers for years now. Their Patriot line – including this 52 inch mowing deck unit – represents the latest and greatest in this technology.

Featuring top to bottom engineering that makes this a dream to use, even for hours and hours on end each day, everything about the Patriot 52 inch zero turn lawn mower has been designed from a performance standpoint. Dual hydro transaxles guarantee that you’re able to quickly move into and out of turns with a 0° radius all while maintaining super smooth performance.

Larger front caster style tires and extra-large rear drive tires guarantee the kind of traction you’re looking for on every surface and terrain imaginable, giving you the kind of safety and stability you’re expecting with a buttery smooth ride along the way.

The oversized steering handles are easy to grip and maneuver, the rubberized plates towards your feet lock you into place, and the 52 inch mowing deck guarantees that you’re able to make quick work of larger lawns and estates while still able to get into tighter areas with effortless control.


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