SPZ61-23FX (8D06)

Patriot, 61″ Cutter Deck, Kawasaki, 23HP FX

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Patriot 61″

The 61 inch mowing deck on this Patriot SCAG lawn mower is a real beast, but it also offers the kind of control and maneuverability you’d expect from something considerably smaller.

The agility that this zero turn lawn mower is able to display helps to separate it from the rest of the pack, giving you the kind of effortless control that you are expecting while still making quick work of larger lawns and estates.

A Kawasaki FX 23 hp motor is the heartbeat of this zero turn lawn mower, giving you plenty of top end speed, plenty of torque, and plenty of power when you need it most – even when you engage the PTO.

Multiple cutting blades will make quick work of even long grass and yard debris. They’ve been specifically engineered to go for extended amounts of time between sharpening without degrading the quality of cut they produce, too.

At the end of the day, this is very much a commercial grade landscaping lawnmower designed to be used by professionals. It fits right at home on large lawns and estates, making quick work of lawn mowing projects that would have taken hours previously.


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