STC11-52V-26FT-EFI (870F)

Tiger Cat, 52″ Velocity Plus, Kawasaki, EFI, Suspension Seat

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Tiger Cat II 52″

You’ll be amazed at just how agile and maneuverable the 52 inch Tiger Cat II model is as soon as you lay eyes on it.

It’s not every day that you see 52 inch lawnmower decks attached to zero turn mowers as compact as this one, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is somehow and underpowered or inconsistent set up.

The folks at SCAG have been able to shoehorn in top-tier technology throughout, providing you with a high-powered lawn mower that can make quick work of up to 24 acres of land in record time – all while maintaining the flexibility and agility you’d expect from a smaller form factor mower like this.

The Velocity Plus lawn mower deck features state-of-the-art blade technology to move through longer grasses with ease, providing for a clean, consistent cut that keeps your grass healthy and fresh looking pass after pass.

Tapered roller bearings, oversized rear drive wheels, and dual fuel tanks help to separate the Tiger Cat II 52 inch model from the rest of the pack for sure. Combine all of this with the legendary “Simply the Best” commercial warranty you’ll get with this investment and this just might be the last zero turn lawn mower you ever have to purchase.


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