Turf Tiger, 52″ Velocity Plus, Kohler 26HP “EFI”

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Turf Tiger II 52″

The original Turf Tigers from SCAG turned the world of zero turn mowers on its head almost overnight – and the new Turf Tiger II mowers (especially this 52 inch option) are shaking things up all over again.

Considered to be the international industry benchmark, everything about the new Turf Tiger II has been reengineered to increase performance, increase efficiency, and handle any kind of terrain imaginable without missing a beat.

A 51 inch heavy duty 100% triple plate steel Velocity Plus mower deck has been reinforced significantly, perfectly mated to the structural double tubular steel frame of the Turf Tiger II to guarantee that you’re able to tackle anything and everything imaginable with this new mower straightaway.

A number of different engine options are available (ranging from fuel injected Kawasaki and Kohler models to “big block” EFI options and even diesels. You’ll be able to configure the new Turf Tiger II to your hearts content to get the perfect blend of power, performance and price you are after – all without cutting any corners along the way.

Unless of course you’re talking about the corners of your lawn getting caught, which this zero turn mower does perfectly with the kind of agility you just don’t find in most 51 inch mowing deck options today.


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