Turf Tiger, 72″ Velocity Plus, Commercial Vangaurd 35HP

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Turf Tiger II 72″

The most amazing thing about the Turf Tiger II 72 inch model is that it remains incredibly maneuverable and agile, considering the fact that it has a mowing deck that is 6 feet wide!

There aren’t too terribly many lawnmowers out there (including zero turn mowers from other companies) that would be described as highly mobile and agile with a mowing deck just slightly taller than the average Australian man.

You’ll find that the Turf Tiger II can talk into tight corners with ease, however, all things to the revolutionary new zero turn capabilities. The oversized rear drive wheels make sure that you’re able to pivot instantaneously, offering true zero turn capabilities that are unlike anything else on the market today.

Incredibly, this mower can reach speeds upwards of 19 km/h thanks to the new engines that you can pair with your Turf Tiger II. Options from Kawasaki, Kohler, and Briggs Vanguard let you squeeze top-tier performance out of this mower without breaking a sweat, and the 12 gallon single tank fuel system allows you to mow all day long without having to top up again and again and again.

Obviously you get all of these top-tier features in the Turf Tiger II alongside the legendary durability and reliability that SCAG has become known for all over the world. Their best in in the business warranty protects your investment better than anyone else, too.


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