Turf Tiger11, 72″ Velocity Plus, Kubota 25HP ~~~DIESEL~~~

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Turf Tiger II 72″ Diesel

A beast of a thing, the Turf Tiger II 72 inch diesel model is a little bit slower than the otherwise almost identical petrol powered 72 inch Turf Tiger II from SCAG – but other than that you’d have a hard time telling these two apart.

You’re still going to get the same kind of top-tier performance you’d expect from a zero turn mower made by SCAG. You’re still going to get the same double tubular steel frame construction and the Velocity Plus mower deck that makes these mowers so strong and so capable.

On top of that, you’re also going to get the kind of “creature features” in the form of independent suspensions, auxiliary canister air filter systems, a new heavy duty hydraulic drive system, and driveshaft driven cover deck capabilities that make the Turf Tiger II 72 inch diesel one of the best zero turn lawn mower money can buy – and definitely the best diesel zero turn lawn mower available on the market right now.

Of course, this entire mower is protected from top to bottom with the now legendary SCAG reputation and best in the business warranty. The Turf Tiger II is so well-made and easy to maintain it may be the last lawnmower you ever have to buy!


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