SZL36-18FR (8C11)

Liberty Z, 36″ Cutter deck, Kawasaki 18hp

36″ Cutter Deck, 18hp Kawasaki FR600 Series, air-cooled engine, 603cc displacement

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Liberty Z 36″

Perfectly situated between residential, traditional walk behind lawn mowers and oversized, commercial only zero turn lawn mowers you get the best of all worlds when you take advantage of the Liberty Z 36 inch zero turn mower.

Engineered right out of the box to give you all of the advantages that a top-tier zero turn lawn mower provides, without the skyhigh price tag associated with commercial zero turn mowers, you’ll be blown away by the features that the folks at SCAG have been able to shoehorn into this 36 inch lawn mower.

For starters, the entire lawnmower system is built on the top of next generation Kawasaki mowers (the Kawasaki FR Series engines, to be specific) that allow you to fly across your lawn at speeds upwards of 11 km/h. An oversized fuel tank guarantees that you have more than enough fuel to get even the largest lawns mowed on a single tank, something that’s only going to be helped by the incredible fuel efficiency of the Liberty Z 36 inch mower as well.

Tubular steel is used throughout the frame as well as on the bumper for strength and durability, and the oversized mowing deck helps you cut your lawn much faster while still remaining compact enough to get through tight corners and tighter turns.


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