SZL48-21FR (8C12)

Liberty Z, 48″ Cutter deck, Kawasaki 21hp

48″ Cutter Deck, 21hp Kawasaki FR651 Series, air-cooled engine, 726cc displacement

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The star of the show on this Liberty Z 48 inch unit has to be the heavy duty hydraulic system (a dual hydro gear set up that allows for full zero turn maneuverability) that has been made into the Kawasaki FR Series motors to offer plenty of power without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

A 4 foot mowing deck helps you to move through your lawn much faster than you would have been able to before, as well as the ability to cruise at upwards of 11 km/h when you’re atop this lawnmower. The control scheme is easy to manipulate, allowing you to mow in straight lines as well as to turn on a dime without any hesitation and without any inefficiency along the way.

Easy to work on (even without a lot of mechanical inclination), you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t have to do a lot of repair or upkeep to keep this SCAG mower up and running. It has all the legendary durability you’ve come to expect from this top-tier brand and a warranty (five years or 750 hours) you can count on.

Ideally suited for those with larger lawns that don’t want to sacrifice maneuverability, there’s a lot to fall in love with when it comes to the Liberty Z 48 inch model.


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